Wednesday, October 29, 2008

all dreams come true

You are like morning,
and as cool as dew.
many will not tell you,
so dare will few..
Niceties are embedded ,
in body like you .
young and child all alike,
will greet as a que..
Freshness on face,
let it be life's cue.
always live with grace,
why cry and hue ..
Yet offered small things,
great ones are due.
with anupam wishes in life,
all dreams come true ..


seema gupta said...

with anupam wishes in life,
all dreams come true ..

"wow what a beautiful thought and dreams.....i too hope and wish that all dreams to be come true.." marvellous


sunil manthan sharma said...

very beautiful

गौतम राजरिशी said...

wow sir...thats you have your hands on both the language and i must tell-very very skillfull and precise sincere compliments..

one suggestion though--remove this word-verification thing from does no help at all

VisH said...

everytime when i read u got lot more thoughts and views ...when i read ur blog all the time i just think tht u r sooooo for me welcome youngman.....

keep in touch...

Jai Ho Magalmay ho

Keshav Dayal said...

Thought provoking poem. Thanks for such a nice post.

singhsdm said...

Anupam ji
It was really feel good to visit ur blog. At the age of fifty when people generally do not like to do anything, u r writing such beautifully. It gives us insipiration.Keep it up Sir I came first time on ur blog,but now I ll be regular.

Poonam Agrawal said...

All dreams come true..

beautiful lines...All the best...


shama said...

Pehli baar aape dwara english me likhi rachnayen padh rahin hun !Sach poochho to Hindi zyada nazakatbhari lageen lekin, ye rachnayen arthpoorn hain..itna zaroor kahungi...sirf Hindustaneeki khanaki inme kami lagee...
aapko buraa to nahee laga mere is kehneka? Waise maine kaha na ki na mai lekhika hun na kaviyatri, to shayad tipanee deneme bhoolbhi ho sakti hai...
Aap hamesha hausala afzaayi karte hain...tahe dilse dhanyawad !

Mrs. Asha Joglekar said...

Too good.